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Complex, system-based design, at high professional level, based on past experience, to meet the challenges of the future.

About us

Mélyépterv Komplex Close Corporation plays a leading role in the design of water utility network systems, related site-like facilities and flood protection systems. In addition, we perform a number of other civil engineering and utility design tasks for both public and private investors.

Our strengths are system-based design and complexity, which is reflected in the cooperation of several related disciplines throughout the construction process, from feasibility studies through engineering preparations (hydrogeology, geodesy, soil mechanics), permitting and construction planning to installation.

Scope of activities

Public utility design

Our activity covers the complete design of utility systems, primarily including water supply, drainage - sewerage and rainwater drainage - network systems. These include design of municipal and regional networks and their structures, as well as site-like facilities, development and management of utility plans, and design of utility reconstructions. Also the design of road networks and pavement constructions in connection with site facilities together with the relevant square lighting network.

Wastewater treatment

Besides mechanical engineering related to the design of utilities, civil engineering and hydraulic engineering structures, we also perform hydraulic inspections for the mechanical conversion of existing engine compartments. On the water supply area, we cover mechanical engineering parts of planning downhole wells, tentacle wells, channel intakes, water towers, pressure boosting engine compartments of water supply systems, water treatment (chlorination and UV) equipment of waterworks, and surface water treatment works. We design mechanical engineering of sewage and rainwater pumping stations, liquid waste pre-treatments in communal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, stabilization of sewage treatment plant sludge, anaerobic treatment of sludge, composting and disposal of sludge, technological and mechanical design of complete sewage treatment plants.

Structural design

Design and expertise primarily in civil engineering works, pools, retaining walls and foundations related to water supply, sewerage, wastewater treatment, energy supply and environmental protection tasks. Design and expertise of water towers and underground water reservoirs. Complex design of swimming pools, open-air bathes, water parks. Design and expertise of industrial and agricultural buildings, structures and storage facilities, transport facilities.

Flood protection

Tasks related to flood protection: flood protection embankments, utility crossings of flood protection lines, solution of leaking systems, coastal turnouts, coastal design, as well as other flood protection facilities, channel intake and control structures. It is a complex area that includes utility, statics and mechanical design. Special mention should be made of the design of mobile flood protection walls, in which our Company played a pioneering role in Hungary.

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