Electric power supply, instrumentations-automatics

Scope of activities

Power supply designs

Tiszaújváros, Tiszai Chemical Factory
  • transformer substations (in- and outdoor) up to 35 kV;
  • industrial and communal distribution networks;
  • distribution equipment of medium and low voltage;
  • primer and secondary protection systems;
  • custom-designed medium and low voltage installations (lighting, earthing network, protection against lightning) for industrial buildings, public utility establishments, sewer structures (swimming pool, sport hall, etc.);
  • road and square lighting, floodlight equipment;
  • design of phase corrector (central, group or individual);
  • electric system installation of gas motor generator set with system parallel or isolated operation, the necessary electric protection and gas motor auxiliary operation supply included;
  • other standby installations (battery plants, diesel generator).

Designs for instrument-automatics

Tiszaújváros, Tiszai Chemical Factory
  • instrumentation and automatics for water and wastewater treatment processes complete;
  • automatic operation of pumping stations by means of ring control;
  • automatic operation, instrumentation and automatics of wastewater pumping stations;
  • automatic operation, instrumentation and automatics of water rotation equipment;
  • speed control of electric drives, drives with frequency converters;
  • dispatcher system for operational control of water works and wastewater treatment plants;
  • complex process control equipment mostly for water and wastewater treatment processes;
  • control of sanitary equipment (heating, ventilation, air condition, cooling).

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Complex designs for the electric power supply and the system of instrumentation-automatics of water treatment plants, swimming pools and wastewater treatment plants enumerated hereabove.

Previous personnel references of leader designers

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